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Open fours league winners - Thirsk Athletic

Mixed triples league and Dennis Clarke Trophy
The Pat O’Shea team

Open pairs league and Eddie Redfearn Cup
The Alan W. Jones team

Ladies fours league and Douglass Cup
The Beryl Alderson team

Men’s fours play-off winners and Allen Snowball Trophy
The Graham Russell team

Friday triples league winners - the Ann Clapham team

Men’s triples play-off winners and Ronnie Phillips Memorial Trophy
The Jim Atkinson team

Ladies triples play-off winners and Ron Joyce Trophy - the Beryl Alderson team

2017 Indoor presentation evening - prizes presented by Club President Brian Oxendale

Ladies pairs league and Joyce Mary Jones Shield
The Ann Smith team

Men’s pairs league and Tommy Walton Trophy
The Brian Bell team

Mixed knockout pairs finalists Beryl Alderson & Alan W. Jones

Mixed knockout pairs and Georgina Joyce Rose Bowl winners
Tom & Sue Entwistle

Men’s knockout pairs finalists - Alan W. Jones & Chris Thomas

Men’s knockout pairs & Bob Easby Memorial Trophy winners
Richie Hudson & Andy Harper

Ladies knocout triples finalists Sylvia Thacker,
Maureen McLane & Pat O’Shea

Ladies knockout triples & Nixon Trophy winners
Joan Cowen, Sue Entwistle & Freda Whorlton (not pictured)

Men’s knockout triples finalists  - Maurice Roe, Jim Atkinson & Graham Russell

Men’s knockout triples winners and Brian Oxendale Trophy
Alan W. Jones, Chris Thomas & Roger Godley (not pictured)

Men’s knockout fours finalists  -
Dave Hagen, Mally Lynch, (Allen Snowball & Adrain Ward not pictured)

Men’s knockout fours & John Branch Trophy winners
Alan W. Jones, Terry Richardson, Chris Thomas & Roger Godley (not pictured)

Men’s over 60 singles winner
Alan W. Jones

Men’s plate winner - Mally Lynch

Ladies singles finalist Sandra Larry

Ladies singles winner
Sue Entwistle

Men’s singles winner
Brian Robinson

Men’s singles finalist
Alan W. Jones

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Finally presentations were made

 to our two umpires

Dave Clements and Greg Brown

In recognition of their help

 throughout the season