Season 1998 to 1999 League Honours.

Men's Fours and Allen Snowball Trophy.
D. V. Thomas, G. W. Peverley, C. A. Thomas,
H. Earl and J. Earl.
Ladies Fours and Douglass Cup.
E. M. Easby, J. Barker, M. Claxton, B. Woodhead and D. Wood

Men's Triples and Ronnie Phillips Memorial Trophy.
R. Easby, W. Claxton, S. Florence, H. Henderson,
C. Maltby and L. Tindall.
Open Pairs and Redfearn Trophy.
D. V. Thomas, C. A. Thomas and
J. Earl.

Men's Pairs and Tommy Walton Trophy.
J. Selley, F. Boddy and H. Earl.

Ladies Pairs and S. G. W. Construction Trophy
E. M. Easby, J. Barker, K. Delacoe and D. Wood.

Ladies Triples and Ron Joyce Trophy.
E. M. Easby, M. Claxton, P. Saunders and J. Florence.

Mixed Triples and Dennis Clarke Trophy.
E. M. & R. W. Easby, M. & W. Claxton, A & E. Kent.

Mixed Fours and George Frankland Rosebowl.
E. M. & R. W. Easby, M. & W. Claxton,
A. L. Snowball & D. Wood.